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Rolling stones in Jean Luc Goadrd's film

στο βιντεο βλεπουμε τους stones στο στουντιο να προβαρουν το Sympathy for the devil. Τα πλανα τα εχει τραβηξει ο Godard και τa χρησιμοποιησε στην ταινια One Plus One (σε εναλλακτικη βερσιον), οπου παρεμβαλονταουσαν αποσπασματα απο την προβα, στην κανονικη ταινιαΑυτη η βερσιον δεν εγινε πολυ γνωστη παρο οτι ηταν αρκετα ψυχεδελικη.

για την ακριβεια διαβαστε τις λεπτομεριες:

This version of Jean-Luc Godard's 1968 One Plus One caused a legendary confrontation at a film festival when the director became infuriated at his producer's decision to attach the Rolling Stones' completed song "Sympathy for the Devil" at the film's end. Godard's own original plan had been to make a film of the Stones' construction of the tune in rehearsal, and intercut that with a story line about a white revolutionary who becomes suicidal when her lover embraces black separatism. Production problems caused Godard to give up that idea and just allow scenes to fall where they would, allowing viewers to construct the film in their own minds. Overall, the film is a bewildering affair, and that's not at all a bad thing: one's orientation is whatever one makes of Godard's enthralling mess here. Even if a viewer is just interested in seeing the Stones at their peak and at work on their brilliant 1968 album Beggars Banquet, this is a highly rewarding experience. - Tom Keogh.

By 1968, Godard was poised to present a pop ode to revolution--film, in English and Eastmancolor, featuring the Rolling Stones. Audiences were expecting the hippest of the European auteurs would produce a thoughtful concert film that stroked their liberal convictions. Instead Godard delivered studio footage of the Stones recording the title song but cut away before they finished. He interspersed this stately 'documentary' footage with political sketches, one featuring Black Panthers living in junkyards and raping white women. Needless to say, this provocative political film tried the patience of many of Godard's American fans, who quickly switched their allegiance to the juvenile cinema of Francois Truffaut. 16mm.


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