Πέμπτη, Ιουλίου 05, 2007

Συνέντευξη: Major Tom

H.D.M: Hello there Tom!

M.T: Greetings!How are the mushrooms today?

H.D.M: Well,blooming every day more and more!heheh! It’s nice talking to you!

M.T: Thanks,it’s nice speaking with you,too!

H.D.M: First of all how long are you broadcasting at Athens International Radio?And which bands have you interviewed during that time?

M.T: I’ve been at Air Fm since it opened in 2004,prior to the Athens Olympic Games. During this time I’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and DJs,promoters,producers,artists as well,both from Greece and abroad.Billy Cobham,Ryan Roxie…Just to name 2 of them.Also have of the 800 groups listed as my friends.It’s a great time.Great artists.Great art.Truth.Respect.

H.D.M: The interviews are done through the telephone.Why is that and not live?

M.T: It is live!Sometimes it’s not face to face.Sometimes the artists come in and perform unplugged.I do it via the phone for the people that can’t show up live.Some people are in the UK,US,whatever.Some of the local artists are in Salonica.It’s a distance thing.I’m the only one in town who has a space ship.Now if I could only find some parking in Athens.

H.D.M: Do you find problems sometimes at communication with the greek bands because it’s in English?

M.T: Actually no.The greek kids are smart.Someone in the groups can speak enough English to be able to talk about their art.I come together with the artist,so that the listeners can learn about them and the alternative scene.It really works out great.There are no trick questions.My guests are treated with class,because they deserve it.

H.D.M: If I’m not mistaken the show is only fifteen minutes.

M.T: Yeah!It’s the “Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame show”

H.D.M: How do you manage to cover the entire questions you want to ask the bands and perhaps play a song from them?

M.T: Tune in!I just do it.It works.Air 104,4 FM.Monday through Friday 18:45-19:00

H.D.M: As you already said except from the interviews there are unplugged sets….

M.T: Yes,artists have the option to perform live unplugged.Some have the courage,most do not.

H.D.M: Is this easy to be done?I mean not all the groups can play unplugged(some hardcore or this kind of music songs aren’t so easy for an acoustic version)

M.T: That’s a bullshit excuse!If Nirvana can do it so can you!The style of music doesn’t have anything to do with a band being able to play unplugged or not.

H.D.M: And finally is there enough response both from the bands and the people that hear your show?Which are the difficulties?

M.T: There is a lot of response from both bands and fans.Some bands feel that they should have their asses kissed to be on the show.Some actually asked for money.Pathetic.Truly pathetic.The best known killer musicians will always tell you that they are still learning their art.I’ve had world-class artists come on the show and they are very hunble.A couple of the local kids had a negative attitude.That’s ok.Most artists know what I’m offering and gladly accept….Especially those from outside of Greece.

H.D.M: Thanx for your time Tom!

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